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Dr. Penny graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1998. For 22 years she owned her chiropractic office caring for people of all ages including pregnant women, newborns and patients 90+ years old.

In 2010 Dr. Penny added the SHAPE ReClaimed program to her practice. SHAPE is an amazing program that helps people lose weight by reducing inflammation in the body and allowing healing to occur. After using the program herself (and losing 70 pounds) she knew it was something she wanted to offer her patients.

Recently, facial diagnosis was added to Dr. Penny’s tools for improving patients’ health. She received her own facial diagnosis from Dr. Todd Frisch and was immediately impressed. The diagnosis revealed weakness in her lungs. This was interesting because the lungs are connected to grief and this grief and weakness was showing up on her face. It made sense; Dr. Penny had lost her youngest son in a terrible workplace accident in the previous months. The grief she was experiencing was so deep, it was affecting her lungs and showing up in the features of her face. The diagnosis prompted her to support her lungs naturally which likely kept her from becoming very sick. She dealt with bronchitis that year but avoided pneumonia!

Our faces tell a story and facial diagnosis can tell you what each line, spot, blemish or mis-alignment means. Everything that happens to us emotionally and physically will eventually show up on our face. If you want to understand yourself or someone you love on a deeper level, schedule a facial diagnosis with Dr. Penny Richardson today.