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SHAPE ReClaimed Program FAQ

1. How do I get started? Your first step is to schedule an appointment. Contact us here.

2. How much does the SHAPE Program cost? At $350 the program is affordable and customized to your unique needs. Schedule a time to discuss your goals and get your questions answered.

3. Can I buy the SHAPE Drops online and do the program on my own? No. The SHAPE Drops are only available through our office. By working with us, you will get individualized support and care. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health. If you’ve struggled with health or weight loss programs before, it could be because you were trying something that wasn’t tailored to your unique needs. We’ll help you make healthy changes and experience lifelong success.

4. Can I follow the SHAPE Program without using the SHAPE Drops? We encourage everyone to follow a healthy, anti-inflammatory eating plan, but you will experience deeper healing when you combine the healing properties of the SHAPE Drops with the anti-inflammatory SHAPE Nutrition Protocol.

5. Will the SHAPE Program help me lose weight? If you have excess weight, yes! However, this is not a diet or a weight loss program. Releasing excess weight is simply a wonderful side effect of reducing inflammation, cleansing and improving immunity. By working closely with us throughout the program, you can lose the weight and keep it off.

6. How is the SHAPE Program different from other programs? It is not a diet or weight loss program, it gets to the root cause and helps your body heal on a neurological and cellular level, and it is practitioner-monitored for individualized support and care. Also, there are no bars, shakes or gimmicks; just a simple, whole food nutrition plan customized to meet your unique needs.

7. Are there any negative side effects with the SHAPE Program? Some patients may experience short-term detox symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, lethargy, irritability, mild rash, hunger and leg cramps. Such symptoms typically resolve quickly. Contact us if your symptoms persist.

8. How long will I be on the SHAPE Program? The SHAPE Program is a minimum of six weeks, but we recommend you stay on the program until you reach your desired health goals. We will create a plan together based on your health history and needs.

9. What is the SHAPE Program? The SHAPE Program is a health restoration, lifestyle modification program that combines the SHAPE Drops with the SHAPE Nutrition Protocol for a simple, effective and safe way to achieve optimal health.

10. What are SHAPE Drops? SHAPE Drops are a dietary supplement formulated to help you heal on a neurological and cellular level and provide whole body support. For a complete list of ingredients and supportive functions, read SHAPE Drops: Our Unique Formula on the SHAPE website.

11. What can I eat on the SHAPE Program? Your Program Guidebook contains instructions on how to do the program and a complete list of approved foods. The SHAPE Nutrition Protocol emphasizes nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. We will customize the protocol to meet your individual needs.

12. Can I do the SHAPE Program while on prescription medications? Yes. Be sure to include these in your health history and let us know of any changes to your medications after you begin the program. You will need to let your prescribing physician know that you are doing a program that may affect your prescription needs. Your medications and dosages may need adjusting.

13. Can I do the SHAPE Program if I’m pregnant or nursing? We do not recommend doing the SHAPE Program while pregnant or nursing because of its cleansing and detoxifying effects. The SHAPE Drops, however, won’t harm the baby if you do become pregnant while on the program. If you become pregnant, let us know quickly and we’ll talk about how best to proceed. If your baby is eating mostly solid foods and only nursing for comfort, we’ll evaluate and see if the program is right for you.

14. Can my child do the SHAPE Program? This depends on several factors: Is your child obese? Is their weight affecting their health? Is your child being teased or bullied about their weight? A child’s success is largely dependent on your involvement. We recommend that you follow the program alongside your child for support. The youngest patient to do the SHAPE Program was 6 years old.

15. I’m a cancer survivor. Is it safe for me to do the SHAPE Program? Yes. However, if you are undergoing active treatment, it is not recommended you start the program until you are released by your oncologist. The SHAPE Program is anti-inflammatory, cleansing and immuno-enhancing, all of which can benefit cancer survivors.

16. If I’m restarting the SHAPE Program, do I need to do the Prep Days again? There are many variables to consider, and we will help you determine whether Prep Days are required for your long-term success.

17. How long will a bottle of SHAPE Drops last? A bottle will last 30-40 days when taking .50 ml three times daily as in the SHAPE Program. A bottle will last approximately 3 months when taking .50 ml one time daily as a daily supplement.

18. What if I skip a dose or forget to take the SHAPE Drops for a few days during the program? Continue to follow the Nutrition Protocol and resume taking the SHAPE Drops as soon as possible. Depending on how long you’ve been on the program, there may be ample reserve to sustain you. There is no need to take double the amount to make up for a skipped dose.

19. I’m struggling to stay true to the program. How can I be more committed? Have an honest conversation with yourself, with your support system and with us. We are here for you. If you are dealing with a physiological issue, we can adjust the program or add supplements for support. If you are dealing with an emotional issue, SELF ReClaimed is an excellent resource to help you uncover and heal the cause. MOOD Balance can be helpful for physiological and emotional issues that are causing you to derail. Both are available at our office.

20. Will I feel like I’m starving while in Phase I of the program? No. The SHAPE Drops contain ingredients that help suppress appetite and reduce cravings. If you feel like you are truly starving, contact your SHAPE practitioner promptly so they can make any necessary adjustments.

21. What happens if I eat non-approved foods while on the program? Eating non-approved foods may result in a return of negative symptoms or a slowdown in your progress. Recommit and resume the Nutrition Protocol as soon as possible.

22. I have no appetite at times during the program. Do I need to eat the recommended amount of food even if I am not hungry? Yes. Seeing, smelling and chewing food initiates vital digestive processes in the body. Enzyme production, stomach function and liver, gallbladder and pancreas activities all require the intake of food. Peristaltic action (the movement of food through the intestines) cannot occur without it. Most importantly, you don’t want to send a message to the brain that it is starving, which may inhibit success.

23. Will the SHAPE Drops render my birth control less effective? No. The SHAPE Drops are hormone-free and do not contain any ingredients that would interfere.

24. Can I do the SHAPE Program while on hormone replacement therapy? Yes. The SHAPE Program can have a positive effect on the entire endocrine system, including supporting hormone balance.

25. Can I follow the SHAPE Program after gastric bypass surgery? Yes. Be sure to include this information in your health history as you would any other surgery.

26. I have a history of thyroid dysfunction, and I struggle with gaining weight. Will the SHAPE Program help me? Yes. The SHAPE Program has a positive effect on the entire endocrine system, which includes the thyroid.

27. Can I drink caffeine? Yes. Coffee and tea are both approved. Keep in mind that caffeine can have negative effects for some people, such as dehydration, increased heart rate, bowel disruptions, cystic breasts and sleep problems. You may want to experiment with eliminating caffeine for a period to see how it affects you.

28. Can I drink decaffeinated coffee? It is not recommended. The chemical process that coffee goes through to become decaffeinated can be more harmful than the effects of caffeine. Water-processed decaffeinated coffee tends to be less toxic. Consume in moderation and with caution.

29. Can I fast while on the SHAPE Program? Let’s talk about fasting at your next appointment. It is beneficial for some patients, but we don’t recommend it for all.

30. I am religious and take communion on a regular basis. Can I continue this practice while following the SHAPE Program? Yes. A tiny bit of carbohydrate for a religious ceremony is perfectly fine, especially under the conditions in which it is consumed.

31. How much weight can I expect to lose on the SHAPE Program? This number is different for everyone. It really depends on your health history, your starting/goal weights, how well you adhere to the program, etc. Avoid comparing yourself to others. There is no formula to guarantee how much weight you will lose or how long it will take to reach your goal, and no two journeys are alike.

32. Will my skin sag if I lose a lot of excess weight? This depends on your skin’s elasticity. We have observed that most people who lose between 25-50 pounds do not experience sagging skin. For those who have struggled with obesity for many years or who have gained and lost significant amounts of weight repeatedly over time, there is a greater chance for skin sagging to occur. Incorporating moderate weight-resistant exercise is recommended and can help to tone the skin. Please allow two years after reaching your goal weight before considering plastic surgery. Dry skin brushing can help tone the skin. It also exfoliates dead skin and unclogs pores, increases blood and lymph circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite and calms the nervous system.

33. I frequently get massages. Can my massage therapist continue using their own product? It is best to use an oil-free lotion such has SKIN Healing Lotion. Some patients can use oil-based lotions and not have it hinder their progress, but others find that these products cause a weight plateau during Phase I.

34. Can I exercise while I in Phase I of the SHAPE Program? Absolutely. Moderate exercise (biking, swimming, hiking, walking, elliptical, rebounding) is encouraged during Phase I, but we recommend avoiding aggressive exercise (CrossFit, marathon training, bodybuilding). Be sure to discuss exercise habits, plans and intentions with us at your next visit.

35. I lost weight at the beginning of the program but have now hit a plateau. Is this normal? Yes, weight loss plateaus are normal. Read “Weight Loss Plateau: Unraveling the Mystery” on the SHAPE website to learn about some reasons why you may be experiencing this and what you can do about it.

36. Will my prescribed medications interfere with the SHAPE Drops? No. Please notify your prescribing physician of your decision to work with us and follow the SHAPE Program, as dosage adjustments may be necessary.

37. Can I drink diet soda or other low-calorie, sugar-free beverages on the SHAPE Program? No. Diet or not, all soda and carbonated beverages, especially those labeled sugar-free, should be eliminated while on the SHAPE Program and beyond. Carbonated beverages acidify the body and leach minerals from bones. Artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors add to this toxic overload.

38. Can I drink alcohol on the SHAPE Program? No. During Phases I and II, alcohol is not approved because of its effect on liver detoxification and blood sugar.

39. Can I continue use essential oils on the SHAPE Program? Yes, but they must be 100% pure essential oils. Do not mix them with any carrier oils.

40. Can I follow the SHAPE Program if I’m a vegetarian? Yes. However, we may adjust the Nutrition Protocol as you will likely need to eat more than minimum amount of vegetarian protein per day. Many vegetarians find that adding some animal-based protein helps them feel better. Choosing sustainable, free-range and grass-fed sources may ease your mind about including animal-based proteins. The SHAPE Program is less effective for weight loss if you are a vegan and avoiding all animal products.

41. What skincare products can I use on the SHAPE Program, Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse? We recommend using oil-free skincare products when possible. During Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse, your skin will absorb the oils (fats) in oil-based products, and your body will burn those fats as energy rather than burning your excess body fat. This can hinder weight loss. Replace oil-based body lotions with SKIN Healing Lotion which is oil-free. Mineral and baby oil (which is mineral oil with fragrance added) are also approved, though some practitioners discourage their use. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, deodorant, toothpaste, hairspray, cosmetics and lip balm are okay to use because they are applied to smaller areas or are washed off.

Medical Disclaimer: This information is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment. Medical conditions require medical care.

How Much Does The SHAPE Program Cost?  The program is affordable and customized to your unique needs.  Call our office to discuss your needs or consider our one of our package offerings:

The program is affordable and customized to your unique needs.  Call our office to discuss your needs or consider our one of our package offerings: