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Which Element Are You Questionnaire

    Which Element Are You?

    Discover your dominant element with this questionnaire. Assess the statements and be as intellectually honest as you can. There is no right or wrong answer.


    1. Check the number that applies:

    • 1 = Do not agree

    • 2 = Kind of agree

    • 3 = Agree

    • 4 = Absolutely agree (or my spouse would definitely agree)

    2. Add the numbers checked and enter the total at the end of each category.
    3. Note which category has the highest number.
    4. Use the Questionnaire Key at the end to discover your dominant element.



    Phone No:

    Category A:

    1. I suffer from headaches.

    2. I have muscle cramps, spasms and/or tics.

    3. I get indigestion, especially after eating fatty foods.

    4. I tend to hold tension in my neck and upper back.

    5. My throat feels tight, and I sometimes have difficulty swallowing.

    6. I often wake between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning.

    7. I am quick to anger (male); I lack assertiveness (female).

    8. I am competitive.

    9. I am easily irritated and often impatient.

    10. I have lots of energy, especially at night.

    11. I make decisions quickly.

    12. I tend to burn out from excessive commitment.

    Category A Total:

    Category B:

    1. I have insomnia, especially when I’m anxious.

    2. I have heart palpitations.

    3. I frequently feel flushed and overheated.

    4. I tend to crave cold and/or spicy foods

    5. I am prone to high or low blood pressure.

    6. I have hot/cold extremities.

    7. I am easily confused.

    8. I can feel both fatigue and anxiety at the same time.

    9. I am talkative and excitable

    10. I am able to communicate my feelings easily.

    11. I need affection.

    12. I am often described as friendly, playful and charming.

    Category B Total:

    Category C:

    1. I have difficulty stabilizing my blood sugar (high or low).

    2. I have digestion problems.

    3. My stamina is low.

    4. I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing weight.

    5. I bruise easily.

    6. I tend to crave sweets.

    7. I tend to worry and overthink.

    8. I am sympathetic and, at times, even over-sympathetic.

    9. I desire to be needed.

    10. I am accommodating and helpful in resolving conflicts.

    11. I am most happy around family and friends.

    12. I am easily overwhelmed.

    Category C Total:

    Category D:

    1. I get frequent coughs and colds.

    2. I have dry skin.

    3. I am prone to sinus problems (sinusitis/allergies).

    4. I don’t usually perspire, even in hot weather.

    5. I am a shallow breather.

    6. I am prone to constipation and/or diarrhea.

    7. I am prone to despair and melancholy.

    8. I am easily disappointed or offended.

    9. I tend to be systematic and analytical in my approach to work.

    10. I don’t like clutter and require organization, especially in my workspace.

    11. I tend to be minimalistic.

    12. I think of myself as well-disciplined.

    Category D Total:

    Category E:

    1. I have joint and/or low back pain.

    2. I have issues with libido (too much or too little).

    3. I have menstrual/prostate problems.

    4. I have difficulty hearing.

    5. I have dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get.

    6. I have water retention (sock indentations and/or inability to remove rings at night).

    7. I often feel fearful or irrational.

    8. I am a deep thinker, philosophical and introspective.

    9. I’m intrigued by the unknown/spiritual/mystical.

    10. I like to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

    11. I tend to be truthful and direct.

    12. I tend to be objective and neutral.

    Category E Total:

    Questionnaire Key:

    The category with the highest number is your dominant element. The one you best relate to will be your dominant element.