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Why We Chose an Organic Formula

Why We Chose an Organic Formula (and What That Means for You)

Quality is of utmost importance with all products in our SHAPE ReClaimed line. This is especially true for the SHAPE Drops. In the fall of 2016, SHAPE ReClaimed’s founder, Dr. Todd Frisch, found a potential new manufacturer. He wanted his SHAPE formula to be more pure, with additional detox and drainage support, and he knew that Dr. Robert Cass of Physica Energetics could meet this need and beyond.


What makes our new manufacturer unique?

Dr. Robert Cass is the president, founder, and Master Formulator at Physica Energetics, which is an internationally renowned natural remedy company that provides licensed healing arts practitioners with pure, effective, sustainable and handcrafted natural products. When Dr. Frisch began using these products in his chiropractic office, he’d hear patients say, “There must be pixie dust in here, these products work so well.”

While “pixie dust” isn’t a proper scientific term, to some extent, we agree. Not only does Physica use only wild-crafted and organic raw materials, they also use an extraction method referred to as the Spagyric process, that “elegantly delivers all of the botanicals’ natural, inherent, nutritional and bioenergetic properties.”

Along with Physica’s extraction method and level of quality, Dr. Cass shares Dr. Frisch’s vision and mission to transform healthcare one patient at a time. So, after accepting the request to become SHAPE’s new manufacturer, Dr. Cass spent nearly one year meticulously sourcing each ingredient in the SHAPE Drops and then even longer to put them all together in the proper order for highest quality and efficacy.


What changed from the old formula to the new?

No preservativesThe most significant change from the old formula to the new was the elimination of synthetic fillers, corn ethanol, preservatives and color stabilizers. Now, many reputable nutraceutical companies use similar ingredients in their products. We are not trying to say that they’re wrong or that the products are bad. Nutritionally speaking, these ingredients are mostly benign, but they carry with them a suppressing energy, which creates a less dynamic product.

What is “energy” in this context? Everything in the universe has a vibration or frequency. This has been scientifically proven. Energy frequencies are how a microwave heats up food and why you’re able to hear church bells from a mile away. But, some energy is subtle, as in a person’s general “vibe” telling you whether or not they are trustworthy, or the feeling in a room after an argument has taken place.

Folded handsHere’s an exercise to help you understand “energy.” Clasp your hands together, interlocking your fingers as though you are praying. Notice which thumb is on top. Now, pull your hands apart and put them back together again with the opposite thumb on top. It feels awkward, doesn’t it? Why would that be? You’re essentially putting your hands in an identical position, but only one way feels “right.” This is energy.

Removing the small amounts of synthetic and/or corn-based ingredients from our old formula, while adding additional ingredients to support detoxification and drainage, has created a supplement that is not only high quality, but also has an extremely positive energy.


So, what does this mean for you?

As with all natural and organic products, food or supplements, variation is normal and to be expected. Unlike large fast food and junk food chains that manufacture food in labs so they can produce an identical product every time (that also doesn’t spoil or have any nutrient value whatsoever), natural and organic products are “manufactured” by nature.

Apples on treeSometimes you’ll find a variety of apples at your grocery store, and they’re huge. The next time you find that same variety, and they’re small. Sometimes they’re super sweet, sometimes they’re less sweet. This can be even within the same season. The reason for this is the variation in uncontrollable factors like temperature, soil quality, nutrient availability, amount of rain, pollination and more that affect the final natural product.

SHAPE DropsBecause of the organic and pure nature of our SHAPE Drops, you will naturally see some variation in color, smell, taste or texture. Every single batch is tested for safety, so if you have a bottle that doesn’t look, smell, or taste the same as the one before, know that it is has not gone bad and is perfectly safe. We are working with what God has given us and as Dr. Frisch puts it, “it is what it is.” In his 30+ years in practice, he used many products that were different from batch to batch, but he understood their pure nature and continued using these high quality and effective products with his patients.

If the smell or taste is unpleasant, add your dose of drops to a small amount of hot water, swirl the glass around a few times and the issue will dissipate. The SHAPE Drops are crafted with professional precision and care. Each bottle is sent to us from Physica, then transferred to your practitioner, and on to you with triple the intention to help you heal. It is truly made with love.