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Kimberly Bussell

My back pain is completely gone and I can fit into size 8 pants! – Kimberly Bussell

My husband and I started our SHAPE Program journey in May. If was the best decision we have made for our health and well-being. We were both overweight by about 40 lbs. each.

Believe me, we were both skeptical of this “diet” at first. I claimed that I would never be able to do it, but after seeing the results of one of my co-workers (who had recently lost 20 lbs. on the SHAPE Program), I was intrigued. I said to her, “Sign me up.”

We met with our SHAPE practitioner, Gwen Ouellette, who was amazing, answered all of our questions and got us started on our SHAPE Program journey.

After only 6 months, my husband and I were close to our goal. I can’t explain how amazing this feels. They say a picture is worth 1000 words (they’re right), and the transformation I have seen in myself is extraordinary.

I can now get off the floor without rolling over, touch my toes and put on my socks without needing to brace myself to keep from falling.

My back pain is completely gone (I have a herniated disk) and I can fit into a size 8 pants (OMG!). I never thought I would ever be that small again; I think the last time I was that small, I was in junior high.

I am a true believer in SHAPE ReClaimed. I have to thank my co-worker for recommending the program, Gwen, my SHAPE practitioner, for keeping us on track and all the SHAPE Warriors in the Facebook group for their support.